A Conversation about Zero

As the eve of our installation approaches and the Marfa Dialogues have begun, we would like to propose a conversation.  In particular, a conversation about zero – truly – just zero.

As zero often connotes nothing, there is a peculiar amount of emotion evoked by its existence.  What would we do with all of this negative space?

Well, here’s a thought:  zero is the place that negatives turn to positive.  It is the seemingly arbitrary point where the global consultation stops being a survey of existing individual thought to become a statement of shared thoughts and goals.  The “emptiness” or “lack” is in fact a fullness of potential and development.

Zero has a relevant, beautiful history and mathematical place – its form provoking a whole, circular, smooth actuality.  So, please, join in on the conversation.  Leave comments and thoughts here, and share with others.  How can we use this number to connect us with sustainability and positive development?


You are also cordially invited to join us in person at Pulitzer Arts Foundation for Zero:  A Landscape of Conversation and Action‘s installation and exchange.   Friday August 1st marks the installation, and Sunday August 3rd 11am-3pm marks the incredible Potluck that is bound to happen.  Bring your sustainable development thoughts, stories, and questions, and perhaps a casserole as well.

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