SPORE Projects Tonight

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Join SPORE Projects in Fox Park “Square” tonight. Help us construct a collectively-build Pop-up Interpretive Center! We’ll be at the vacant lot at the corner of California/Shenandoah. Everyone (kids too) are welcome to attend. Feel free to bring fabric scraps to add to the blanket fort, natural items, & other fun things for the mini-museum. Wild edibles/medicals walks (4:30/6:30). Maps & relics from our neighborhood past/present will be viewable in the Hive Galleries. Shared by onsite historian Lynn Josse. Low-key light show at 9pm. The Purple Martin will be open serving up food & drink all evening. This is an inaugural event for SPORE Project’s city-wide campaign to draw attention to our city’s overlooked resources, sustainability, history, & to promote community involvement/voice in shaping our city’s future. http://stl.marfadialogues.org/event/spores-citizen-protected-natural-treasure-campaign-fox-park/

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