St. Louis Food as a Model for Citizenship

by Kristin Fleischmann Brewer, Manager of Programs at Pulitzer Arts Foundation

Food culture in St. Louis demonstrates citizenship and artistic practice at its best.  Quality, taste, and relationships drive farm-to-table trends, and have become an example of how food culture is a successful model for climate change solutions on a city-wide scale. As a self-identified food gourmand outside my role at Pulitzer Arts Foundation, I want to share five places and people who make St. Louis food extraordinary.


01  Kitchen Kulture

Sourcing from local farmers and foraging for ingredients, Kitchen Kulture’s feel-good food is found weekly at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market, lunch pop-ups at Sump Coffee, and other locations.  (photo credit Kitchen Kulture)

Kitchen Kulture


02  Missouri Wild Edibles

Forager and owner of Missouri Wild Edibles LLC, Ryan Maher travels the country hunting wild plants and sells them to St. Louis restaurants.  Ryan is a chef at Chaumette Winery and makes some killer spicy mustard.  Join Ryan on a foraging trip for MD / STL with artist Tattfoo Tan. @wildedibleguy

Missouri Wild Edibles


03  The Farm at Kraut Run

The Farm at Kraut Run is located 45 minutes from St. Louis in the beautiful Missouri countryside. The family farm is managed using sustainable, organic growing practices.  Most work on the farm is done by hand, and provides education to the community about sustainable living and responsible stewardship of nature. (photo credit The Farm at Kraut Run)

The Farm at Kraut Run


04 City Greens Market

Providing healthy produce from local farmers at or below cost, City Greens believes that everyone should have access to fresh, nutritious foods. The market is located in midtown St. Louis and provides a great service to the surrounding community, whose access to fresh food is limited by high costs and location. (photo credit City Greens Market)

City Greens


05 Kevin Nashan

Kevin Nashan is the chef and owner of Sidney Street Café and a James Beard Award-nominee for his creative, innovative New American cuisine.  Kevin’s commitment to experimentation, local food, and the city of St. Louis is admirable. I look forward to eating at his new establishment, The Peacemaker, located down the street from Sidney Street Café, opening in August. (photo credit Sidney Street Café)

Kevin Nashan

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