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CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES: Looking at the Future of the Planet           FotoFest 2016 Biennial

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Exhibitions and Programs March 12 – April 24, 2016 in Houston, Texas USA

The focus for the 2016 Biennial, FotoFest’s 16th International Biennial of Photography and Mixed Media Art, is humanity’s relationship with the changing planet. CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES: Looking at the Future of the Planet, the Biennial theme, will be explored in a series of exhibitions, videos, films, books and… Read More >

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RIP Charles Bowden

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Charles Bowden, visionary writer and crusading muckracker, died in Las Cruces, NM this past Saturday. Bowden joined us here in Marfa for the inaugural Marfa Dialogues, a program that looked at the culture and politics of the U.S./Mexico border which Bowden reported on in with his “surrealist fever dream” prose, capturing the sadness and madness of… Read More >

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St. Louis Food as a Model for Citizenship

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by Kristin Fleischmann Brewer, Manager of Programs at Pulitzer Arts Foundation

Food culture in St. Louis demonstrates citizenship and artistic practice at its best.  Quality, taste, and relationships drive farm-to-table trends, and have become an example of how food culture is a successful model for climate change solutions on a city-wide scale. As a self-identified food gourmand outside my role… Read More >

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The Chicago Reader on NRDC Artist-in-Residence Jenny Kendler

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Natural Resources Defense Council and artist Jenny Kendler will bring “Milkweed Dispersal Balloons” to St. Louis for Marfa Dialogues. The project is a mobile food cart that will distribute milkweed seeds across the area, to strengthen the declining monarch butterfly population.

The Natural Selection of Jenny Kendler

Artist and environmental activist Jenny Kendler makes complex work about the weird relationship… Read More >

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Creative Time Reports on Nora York’s MD/NY Project

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In partnership with Marfa Dialogues/NY, Creative Time Reports presents video from a performance by the musician and artist Nora York and an accompanying conversation between York and the publisher, environmental advocate and Marfa Dialogues co-founder Hamilton Fish. Water Water Everywhere was co-composed by Jamie Lawrence and Nora York.

From Creative Time ReportsRead More >

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Rewinding the Clock on Climate Change Through Culture

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In partnership with Marfa Dialogues/NY, Creative Time Reports presents a panel discussion on how culture can help visualize the impact of climate change with artist Maya Lin, Natural Resources Defense Council President Frances Beinecke and Creative Time President and Artistic Director Anne Pasternak.

Read more at Creative Time!

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Maya Lin and Frances Beinecke in Conversation

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Last week’s conversation between Maya Lin and NRDC President Frances Beinecke, now archived online. From the NRDC website

On Monday, November 4th, two of the leading voices on the issue of climate change — artist and honorary NRDC Trustee Maya Lin and NRDC President Frances Beinecke — discussed the critical role… Read More >

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Nora York Live at Joe’s Pub

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The complete performance of Nora York’s sold-out show Water Water Everywhere/Nay Any Drop to Drink, for your consideration.

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Eve Mosher gives HighWaterLine talk on the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy

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From MD/NY partner ecoartspace:

Artist Eve Mosher gave a talk as part of the Marfa Dialogues New York on October 30th, 2013, hosted by ecoartspace curator Amy Lipton at the Rauschenberg Project Space. The artist shared the story of her public art project HighWaterLine where she marked the ten-feet-above-sea-level line along nearly 70 miles of coastline, in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, with a… Read More >

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SOME HISTORY: Robert Rauschenberg and Social and Environmental Activism (2 of 2)

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Click here to read the first installment of Julie Martin‘s essay looking at the roots of Robert Rauschenberg’s social and environmental activism, and those ties with the ongoing Marfa Dialogues/New York program sponsored in part by the Rauschenberg Foundation.


E.A.T. board member Theodore Kheel had long been an advocate for public transportation, and as… Read More >

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“The best thing that happened to my career”: Vadis Turner on Materials for the Arts

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A profile of Vadis Turner, artist in residence at MD/NY program partner Materials for the Arts. Read more about MFTA and their MD/NY schedule of events on their profile page, or click here for the official press release.

From Materials for the Arts:

It’s a week before her exhibition opening in the MFTA gallery,… Read More >

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