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Mel Chin returns to St. Louis with the Fundred Dollar Bill Project

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As part of Marfa Dialogues / St. Louis this summer, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM) hosted The Art of Engagement, a panel discussion that brought artists Mel Chin and Mary Miss together in conversation with Hamilton Fish of The Public Concern Foundation to consider the ongoing relationship between culture, artistic intervention, and social values. Chin spoke particularly to… Read More >

Watershed Maps by Lorin Crandall

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As part of his participation in the CaLL/WALKS organized by Mary Miss for Marfa Dialogues / St. Louis, Lorin Crandall created a series of map showing St. Louis’ place within the Mississippi River watershed. Lorin is the Clean Water Program Director at Missouri Coalition for the Environment, a statewide environmental advocacy organization, working on a variety of issues that affect human and… Read More >

Mary Miss / City as a Living Laboratory Route Map

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Join artist Mary Miss and St. Louis area architects, urban designers, artists, and biologists from Danforth Plant Sciences Center and the Botanical Gardens on a walk from Pruitt-Igoe to Pulitzer Arts Foundation, to discuss sustainability and design in St. Louis.

Meet at the corner of 23rd and Cass Avenue at 9 am on Saturday, August 2, 2014.

The walk will… Read More >

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PXSTL site hosts MD/STL programs

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PXSTL, a design-build competition organized by Pulitzer Arts Foundation and the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, explores how temporary interventions can spur long-term urban revitalization, and provides the public with an outdoor space for cultural activity in the heart of the Grand Center neighborhood of St. Louis. The winning design,… Read More >

SPORE Projects Tonight

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Join SPORE Projects in Fox Park “Square” tonight. Help us construct a collectively-build Pop-up Interpretive Center! We’ll be at the vacant lot at the corner of California/Shenandoah. Everyone (kids too) are welcome to attend. Feel free to bring fabric scraps to add to the blanket fort, natural items, & other fun things for the mini-museum. Wild edibles/medicals walks (4:30/6:30). Maps… Read More >

#MDSTL Launches Tonight

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Check out these STL TV interviews where Pulitzer Arts programming team talk about the history of Marfa Dialogues, and program collaborators Michael Allen, Director at Preservation Research Office, and artist Carlie Trosclair talk about their MD/STL project,  30 Days of Demolition.

STL TV – Interview 1 of 2 STL TV – Interview 2 of 2

Marfa Dialogues / St. Louis kicks… Read More >

Yoga Sequence for Climate Change

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Sequenced by Mallory Nezam, Organizer of Hush: a mindfulness practice Tadasana (eyes closed) | Mountain Pose Parsva Tadasana | Side Stretch Ardha Parivrtta Hasta Padangusthasana | Half Revolved Hand-to-Big Toe Pose Vrksasana | Tree Pose Virabhadrasana III | Warrior III Virabhadrasana I | Warrior I (repeat above on alternative side) Adho Mukha Svanasana (1 minute) | Downward Facing Dog Adha Mukha Vrksasana hops… Read More >

#MDSTL Poetry Mixtape

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Selected by Philip Matthews, Programs Coordinator at Pulitzer Arts Foundation Nikki Finney – Penguin Mullet Bread Brenda Hillman – Air in the Epic Adrian Blevins – The Plunge Timothy Donnelly – Hymn to Life Mary Jo Bang – A Technical Drawing of the Moment Anne Waldman – Manatee / Humanity Gerard Manley Hopkins –… Read More >

Chef Ryan Maher: How to Cook with Foraged Ingredients

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Have you ever thought of eating straight from your backyard? It can be done. Ryan Maher shows us how in this video.

On Sunday, August 3, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, Brooklyn-based artist Tattfoo Tan will collaborate with Ryan Maher, chef and owner of Missouri Wild Edibles, on a foraging walk that teaches participants to identify plants and their various… Read More >

St. Louis Food as a Model for Citizenship

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by Kristin Fleischmann Brewer, Manager of Programs at Pulitzer Arts Foundation

Food culture in St. Louis demonstrates citizenship and artistic practice at its best.  Quality, taste, and relationships drive farm-to-table trends, and have become an example of how food culture is a successful model for climate change solutions on a city-wide scale. As a self-identified food gourmand outside my role… Read More >

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