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Monarch Food Cart Debuts in St. Louis

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Milkweed Dispersal Balloons by Jenny Kendler debut at Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts and Tower Grove Farmers’ Market

In response to the declining monarch butterfly population, resident artist Jenny Kendler debuted Milkweed Dispersal Balloons as part of the recent Marfa Dialogues / St. Louis series. The project, funded by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, and Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, generated… Read More >

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Monarch butterflies plummet

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As monarch butterflies plummet, it’s time to rethink the widespread use of our nation’s top weedkiller by Sylvia Fallon – February 24, 2014

NRDC is calling on EPA to re-examine the widespread use of glyphosate, commonly called Roundup, in light of its impacts on monarch butterflies.  Glyphosate was last approved by EPA in 1993 before the adoption of genetically… Read More >

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